Explore the vast world of Eniv with your herd of Enivi. Earn currency and experience points by creating artwork, writing stories, roleplaying while you build your Enivi's character. Participate in events, quests, and play games to solve mysteries and level up while you explore the hidden world of Eniv.

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Become a cat! Cattails: Wildwood Story is a feral life simulation RPG.

Step into the Wildwood for a new experience, featuring an assorted cast of fresh & familiar faces.

Experience life as a cat in a strange wilderness. Prowl through dense forests, murky swamps, rocky highlands, and sandy beaches in search of rare herbs and delicious prey.

Build and customize your colony's base of operations and attract new residents to grow a prosperous community. Meet a personality-filled cast of unique cats and bring back gifts from your travels to make friends!

Spending your time with others is a great way to get to know them! Stick around and chat for a while, or bring an extra item you have laying around to give as a gift.

Use your acute sense of smell to identify what critters are around, then track their scent until you find them. Crouch and move slowly as you approach so you won’t scare them off.

Of course, not all animals will appreciate you pouncing on their backs! Some will put up a fight. Certain nasty fiends, like snakes and rats, aren’t afraid of cats like you and will attack on sight.

Eerie void-like spirits are appearing in great numbers to challenge the intrusion of your new settlement. But where are these evil spirits coming from? Perhaps you can unravel the mystery and put an end to the assault...

Master the art of fighting with the new and improved real-time combat system! Sprint to engage your foes quickly, charge your attacks, and dodge out of harm's way.

Explore the extensive caves that stretch far below the surface of the Wildwood. If you're brave, you'll find the earth is filled to the brim with gems & treasures! But the dark places of the world are guarded by angry critters who call the mines their home...

Under the dark eaves of the trees, sinister shadows lurk, ready to strike at the unwary. You must protect your colony from the threat that lies at the heart of the land.

Once you’ve made a good friend, the two of you can leave town and hang out for a while. Go for a stroll beneath the canopy of the forest, catch some wandering mice, or collect seashells on the beach.

Decorate your den and make it your own! Unlock new furniture sets and create a cozy space where you can relax. With the help of Molby the mole, you can even customize your floorplan.

While most plants grow naturally in the wild, the best quality herbs result from careful nurturing in a controlled environment. Create a garden and tend to it daily to reap the rewards.

Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Use the Coat Studio at any time to update your appearance and create a truly unique player character!

Find that special someone and fall in love. After the wedding, your partner will move into your den, and the two of you can raise a cute litter of kittens!

Genres: Single-player, life sim, RPG, survival, dating sim

Platforms: Steam (PC/Mac), Nintendo Switch™

Release Date: Q4 2023 (Steam), Q4 2024 (Switch)

Supported Languages: English, Spanish, German

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What is Cattails: Wildwood Story?

Cattails: Wildwood Story is a single-player life simulation game that includes elements borrowed from the RPG, survival, and dating sim genres. It is the standalone sequel to Cattails (2017).

In what ways is Cattails: Wildwood Story similar to Cattails (2017)? In what ways is it different?

Fans of Cattails (2017) will find that Cattails: Wildwood Story plays a lot like the earlier title in the series. However, we are taking steps to innovate and improve the experience in every way possible. We've started from scratch, rewriting the entire engine, creating new art, commissioning an all-new soundtrack, and much more. We hope to create a familiar atmosphere for those who love the cozy, chill vibes of Cattails (2017) while also offering plenty of new experiences and surprises along the way!

How long has the game been in development?

About two and a half years! Development began in early September 2019. There's still a long road ahead with the expected release date being late 2023, but we're excited to bring our vision to life. Games in this genre are highly complex and take lots of time to get just right.

Who is making Cattails: Wildwood Story?

The game is being developed and published by Falcon Development LLC, which is owned and operated by Tyler Thompson, the solo developer responsible for the creation and management of the project. He is joined by marketing coordinator Beka Thompson. In addition, several freelance artists, composers, musicians, and more have contributed to the title. Notably, Narabas Artworks is the illustrator behind the character portraits and several promotional pieces; veteran composer Tormod Garvin is the musical mastermind behind the game's 2+ hour original soundtrack; and Mari-Liis Kirsimägi is the concept artist who created the evocative pieces that helped shape our vision of the Wildwood.

I'm excited about the game! What can I do to help?

First, thanks for taking the time to check out our game! It means the world to us. Make sure you check us out on Kickstarter and consider backing the game. Also go and wishlist Cattails: Wildwood Story on Steam. Lastly, you can help by spreading the word! Let your cat-loving friends know about our project by sharing the trailer or a link to our website. Thank you! :)