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The Year of Fear; Will Y2K Effect You?

Widespread blackouts, government outages, and corrupted data could be in our near future.

Kutz Trial: Judge Dillman Declines Motion to Dismiss

Local Treasurer, Daniel Kutz, filed for a motion to dismiss after his attorney claimed evidence was improperly submitted.

Local Teens Released in Case of Missing Taylor McHale

Previously considered suspects, the local teens cutting curfew have been released. The search for the missing 9 year old continues.

Langdonburg Farmers' Market Feeds Familys Fresh Food

As the fall weather starts to set in the Langdonburg Farmers' Market seems to have an unending supply of seasonal treats.

Local Blood Drive at St. Martha's Church

It's time to give back at St. Martha's Church this weekend and earn some great prizes for your donation.

Goats Slaughter Bears!

Continuing a fantastic season, the TriMountain Goats took the win this last weekend against the Brunswick Bearcats.

Fall Safety Tips For Families

The leaves are turning colors and we're here to help with your autumn precaution prepwork.

Suspected Poacher Found Dead in Pottstown Woods Identified

After five weeks the body of a man suspected to be hunting without a license and out of season has been identified.